Montane Spine Challenger 2020

Warning: Contains strong language This was without question my “A Race”. I had been driving towards this event for several years, slowly building up distance, terrain and race experience. Going into the event, I really had no idea how things would transpire, so I went in open minded. That seems to have turned out toContinue reading “Montane Spine Challenger 2020”

Part Two: Montane Cheviot Goat 2018

Having covered the preparation and kit in Part One, its time to cover the actual race itself. I stayed locally with my family, arriving on Friday evening the night before the race. We had a 7 hour drive up from Wiltshire, not ideal, but getting there the day before meant a half decent sleep (asContinue reading “Part Two: Montane Cheviot Goat 2018”

Part One: Montane Cheviot Goat 2018

What follows an overview of my training and the Kit I used for the Montane Cheviot Goat 2018. I will cover the Race itself in a second part, due shortly! A quick summary of the event for those who don’t know; The Cheviot Goat is a 55 Mile Winter Ultra around the Cheviot Hills ofContinue reading “Part One: Montane Cheviot Goat 2018”